HOUSTON (January 25, 2018)

Health System was one of the first in Houston to offer virtual visits Memorial Hermann today launched Virtual Clinic, an innovative program designed to help patients access medical care from the comfort of their homes, offices, schools or wherever they may be.“Health care is our business, but so is technology,” said David Bradshaw, executive vice president and chief marketing and strategy officer at Memorial Hermann. “In the past several years, we’ve seen a tectonic shift in patient care beyond the traditional setting thanks to the emergence of new technological capabilities. While our patients still expect high-quality and safe care, they now want it on their terms, and more often than not, at their fingertips. To meet the demand, we’ve developed a host of consumer-driven digital tools, including Virtual Clinic, to help patients manage their health care -- both inside and outside our walls.”

Memorial Hermann first introduced video consultation for select post-surgical appointments and case management services in January 2017. Today, the program is expanding to adult primary care and urgent care visits via Virtual Clinic.

Virtual Clinic offers video consultations via computer, tablet or smart phone with a variety of Memorial Hermann affiliated physicians. Appointments can be made for adult primary care and urgent care services through Memorial Hermann Medical Group. Dr. David James, Chief Executive Officer for Memorial Hermann Medical Group, explains, “There’s a lot of urgent care type visits that can be taken care of just by doing good history and asking the right questions. From earaches and allergies, to colds and flu, to stomach aches and digestive issues and more, now the doctor’s diagnosis is only a click away.”

Pediatric post-surgical virtual visits also are available through Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.

“Virtual Care is a game changer for our patients and their families,” said Dr. Matthew T. Harting, MD, a UTHealth pediatric surgeon affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. “Surgery can be a stressful and time-consuming event for families, consisting of pre- and post-surgical appointments, as well as the surgery itself. However, this new program alleviates some of the stress. With Virtual Clinic, families don’t have to worry about making the trek back to the hospital for routine post-surgical appointments. They can now attend the follow-up appointment and see their physician without ever having to leave the house.”

Virtual appointments are available daily. Additional physicians and services will be added in the coming months. Virtual Clinic does not treat emergency or life-threatening issues, chronic illness or provide medication refills.

Virtual Clinic is a program of Everyday Well. Everyday Well represents a new approach to managing health, offering a care delivery platform aimed at providing Houstonians enhanced access to Memorial Hermann’s network of primary care physicians along with a host of innovative online tools and services that deliver the utmost in convenience for patients to live well and stay well every day.

For more information on Virtual Clinic, visit www.memorialhermann.org/virtualclinic/ or call 832-658-MHVC (6482).