CYPRESS, TEXAS (October 28, 2016)

Halloween is supposed to be a night filled with fun and candy, but sadly the American Automobile Association (AAA) says October 31st is the second deadliest day of the year for pedestrians. Toni Odumosu, M.D., who practices at the Memorial Hermann Convenient Care Center in Cypress, says parents and kids should follow these safety tips to make their Halloween a safe and enjoyable night.

1. Walk safely. Make sure children travel in groups, utilize sidewalks when available, and look both ways when crossing the street. Parents should accompany trick-or-treaters under the age of 12. Those children allowed to walk without an adult should stick to areas where they are familiar with their surroundings.

2. Keep costumes creative and safe. Ill-fitting costumes or masks that make it difficult to see can be a recipe for an injury. Make sure costumes aren’t too long and opt for face paint rather than masks, if possible. If the mask is a must, make sure your child can see in all directions when it is worn.

3. Consider your accessories. Children should not carry sharp objects or anything that could be mistaken for a weapon.

4. Stay well lit. Whether you trick-or-treat before the sun goes down, or carry flashlights, it is important that cars and other groups can see you. Consider putting reflective tape on dark-colored costumes.

5. Check the candy. Children are eager to tear into their loot, but parents should sort through the candy at the end of the night. Throw away anything that is not in its original wrapper. Children under the age of four should not consume hard or sticky candy, so that should be taken out as well.

“I also caution parents against allowing sugar overload. Kids want to eat their entire collection of candy in one day, but they will regret it later. Ration the candy to avoid stomach aches. Some dentists also offer “trade-in” programs where kids can swap the sugary treats for toys. I know it may be a hard sell for parents, but remind kids who make the swap that they can celebrate Halloween year-round with their new toy” encourages Dr. Odumosu.

If an emergency does arise, the Memorial Hermann Convenient Care Center in Cypress offers a 24-hour emergency center at their location at 27700 Northwest Freeway in Cypress, Texas. The Convenient Care Center also offers access to primary care physicians through the Memorial Hermann Medical Group, a diagnostic laboratory, outpatient imaging, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Breast Care with Memorial Hermann and Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation.