HOUSTON (February 26, 2024)

Dr. Emily Weber, Vice President and Chief Nursing and Operations Officer at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, has been awarded the 2023 Excellence in Leadership Award by the Texas Organization for Nursing Leadership (TONL).

According to TONL, the Excellence in Leadership Award recognizes nurse executives who excel in connecting with nursing staff and demonstrate significant involvement in community health initiatives. Dr. Weber's leadership, exemplified by her standardization of nursing practices, legislative advocacy and community education programs, has improved hospital operations and patient care quality.

Bryan Sisk, Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer of Memorial Hermann Health System, said, "Dr. Weber's leadership has advanced the quality of patient care and elevated the voice of nurses, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. Her initiatives in community education and professional development have made a lasting impact on our system and the diverse communities we serve."

Dr. Weber was honored for her achievements at the TONL Annual Conference on February 22, 2024. For further information on Dr. Weber's contributions and the TONL Excellence in Leadership Award, click here.