HOUSTON (April 19, 2024)

Medication Drone DeliveryMemorial Hermann Health System will be the first health care provider in Houston to deploy Zipline’s instant home delivery service, making autonomous drone deliveries of specialty prescriptions and medical supplies directly to patients’ homes beginning in 2026.

“As a system, we are continuously seeking ways to improve the patient experience and bring greater health and value to the communities we serve. Zipline provides an innovative solution to helping our patients access the medications they need, quickly and conveniently, at no added cost to them,” said Alec King, executive vice president and chief financial officer for Memorial Hermann.

Zipline is the world’s largest drone delivery system and recently completed its one millionth commercial delivery. Zipline’s next generation home delivery service, Platform 2 (P2), is expected to deliver up to seven times faster than traditional automobile delivery, completing deliveries in about a minute per mile. Patients can schedule deliveries for precise times and can track their order in real-time on their phone.

Memorial Hermann will use Zipline’s P2 service, which uses autonomous, electric drones (“Zips”) to deliver to urban and suburban areas quietly and conveniently. Once an order is loaded, the Zip flies to its destination and hovers safely and quietly high up in the sky, while its autonomous delivery droid descends on a tether, steers to the correct location, and precisely delivers to places as small as a patio table or the front steps of a house. Over time, Memorial Hermann may also use Zipline to transport medicine, supplies and lab samples between its system facilities.

“Completing more than one million commercial deliveries has shown us that when you improve health care logistics, you improve every level of the patient experience. It means people get better, faster, more convenient care, even from the comfort of their own home,” said Keller Rinaudo Cliffton, Co-Founder and CEO of Zipline. “Innovators like Memorial Hermann are leading the way to bring better care to the U.S., and it’s going to happen much faster than you might expect.”

The Zips can quickly and quietly deliver in rain, wind, extreme cold and other conditions that would normally slow down automotive transport like rush-hour traffic, and with zero emissions. Memorial Hermann and Zipline are working together on all necessary approvals to serve the area and will share more information about how to sign-up for the service before it launches.

About Zipline

Zipline was founded to create the first logistics system that serves all humans equally. We design, manufacture and operate the world’s largest autonomous logistics system that is used every day by businesses, governments and consumers. The technology is complex, and includes autonomous, electric drones, but the idea is simple: a teleportation service that delivers what you need, when you need it in a way that’s faster, cheaper and greener than automotive delivery. Zipline operates on four continents, flown more than 70 million autonomous miles, and has delivered millions of items since 2016. The company currently completes an autonomous drone delivery every 70 seconds. For more information, please visit www.flyzipline.com.