HOUSTON (March 31, 2016)

Pediatric patient poses with HPD officersPediatric patients at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital were recently recognized as honorary officers by the Houston Police Department (HPD) as part of its new Badges and Bears program. Officers J. Lahar, E.J. Joseph and J. Byrd presented certificates to each of the new “officers” and gave away teddy bears and stickers resembling police badges.

“We wanted to make the children smile and take their minds off why they are at the hospital,” said Officer Lahar. “It’s our hope that a positive visit from a police officer can aid the patients in taking a break from the challenges they might be facing in their lives. It also gives us an opportunity to answer questions the kids might have about a profession in law enforcement.”

The officers also participated in different activities with the patients, such as board games and coloring books.

“As the officers presented them with their honorary badges, the kids were lighting up,” said Giovaana Trainor, child life specialist with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital’s Child Life and Expressive Therapies team. “They love the gifts of course, but a visit from a real-life superhero means more to them than anything else.