Learn about common same-day operations, directions and where to park, and the phases you will go through the day of your operation.

Common Procedures

We have the capability to provide numerous same day surgical procedures including: knee repairs, shoulder repairs, ACL, breast surgery and augmentation, ear tubes, sinus surgery, ophthalmology and endoscopic carpal tunnel releases.

Directions and Where to Park

The Day Surgery Center (DSC) is located on the second floor of Outpatient Services, 11800 Astoria Blvd., Houston, TX, on the campus of Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital. Complimentary valet parking is available for your convenience.

What to Expect


A RN will contact you by phone three to seven days prior to your scheduled surgery. We begin the process of planning for your visit at this time by collecting pertinent information about you. You will be asked questions regarding your health history, current medications you are taking, previous surgeries and hospitalizations, allergies, etc. An anesthesiologist and a nurse will begin the best plan of care for you.

You will be given a time to arrive at the DSC. Your scheduled surgery time may change prior to the day of your surgery for various reasons. If your surgery time changes, you will be notified. Please keep your surgery day somewhat flexible so time changes don't cause significant problems.


You will need to come into our pre-op testing area PRIOR TO the day of your scheduled surgery. Our pre-op testing area for both our Main Surgery and Day Surgery Departments is located on the second floor of the main hospital in Outpatient Services. If you do not have your assessment completed prior to the day of your surgery, you may experience delays and in some instances, if there is an anesthesia concern, cancellation of your surgery. You will also handle your financial obligations at this time.

Check-In Process

Once you arrive, a registration clerk will meet with you to verify your personal information: phone number, address, insurance information, etc. During your visit, you may be asked some of the same questions several times to assure quality care. The registration clerk will escort you to a pre-op room where a nurse will prepare you for surgery.

Preparing for Your Day Surgery Operation

Individual, private rooms make preparation for your surgery ideal. You will be assigned a nurse to help you get ready for surgery. Here you will be asked to change into a gown, remove all jewelry, contact lenses, dentures, piercing, etc. We suggest you travel light. We recommend that you do not wear jewelry or bring valuables to the hospital on your scheduled surgery day.

Visitors are allowed at this point. However we ask that only one visitor at a time be in the pre-op room. We do make exceptions for our child patients so both mom and dad can stay with them. Our cozy family room is available for the rest of the family.

An IV will be started and any pre-op meds that have been ordered for you will be given. The surgeon, surgery nurse and anesthesiologist will come in and talk with you and answer any questions you might have.

Helpful Phone Numbers

Control Desk and Scheduling (281) 929-6355
Preadmissions (281) 929-6431
Registration (281) 929-4195