Pediatric hospice is not giving up; it is a set of services that children and families deserve as they wrestle with a serious illness. Children on hospice do not have to give up curative treatments, have a DNR order, or stop being hospitalized. Our services are an extra layer of support, not a substitute for an existing treatment plan.

Memorial Hermann Pediatric Hospice works collaboratively with the child’s healthcare team to extend additional support into the home. Our providers will walk alongside your patient and family, working together to provide excellent family-centered care. To put it simply, our goals is to give seriously ill children “more good days”.

The pediatric hospice program maximizes patient outcomes by providing:

  • Care coordination with existing care providers
  • 24/7 access to on-call pediatric hospice nurses and physicians
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Psychosocial and spiritual support for the patient and family
  • Developmentally driven patient and sibling support from our Certified Child Life Specialist
  • Home delivery of specialized medications and medical equipment
  • Option for inpatient hospice care for acute symptom management
  • Bereavement services

Helping Our Patients and Families

Memorial Hermann Hospice recognizes the key role family plays in the life of a child. Our goal is to support caregivers and families, respecting the decisions they make for their children. We also encourage maintaining normal patterns of living should your child need inpatient hospice and forming partnerships with those physicians/clinicians.

Hospice care is provided in the comfort of the child’s home. This may be the family’s home or a healthcare facility. Some pediatric patients may require an inpatient setting for a short time. Children will be stabilized, made comfortable and returned to their home setting.

Palliation of Symptoms

When a child is ill, it can be difficult to make the best choices regarding the management of symptoms. Our team is here to help. We will work with you and your child to understand his or her illness and provide the specialized care and support required to improve the child’s quality of life. The Memorial Hermann Hospice Pediatric Programs provides concurrent hospice and palliation of symptoms.

Having a child with a serious illness is difficult enough; trying to understand and manage the child’s symptoms can become overwhelming. Whether the illness is a new diagnosis or your child has been living with the illness for some time, more than likely you and your child are experiencing a range of emotions and may be wondering how you will face the challenges that serious illness brings. Our team can provide you and your child with the knowledge and support to handle the emotional, physical and spiritual changes that you, your child and your family may face during this time. The goal is to enhance not only your child’s quality of life but also yours.


A child qualifies for our hospice program when:

  1. A physician’s expert opinion is that death within six months from the child’s medical condition(s) would not be surprising or unexpected.
  2. The child is age 0-21 years old. (We also offer perinatal services.)
  3. The child lives within the Greater Houston area, including outlying suburbs.


Medicaid allows for curative and hospice services to be provided at the same time. Traditional Medicaid pays for hospice services, while the child’s original Medicaid plan continues to cover curative treatment.

While private insurances are not required to provide curative and hospice services concurrently, most plans will work with us to ensure services are provided.

How to Initiate Pediatric Hospice Care

Anyone can inquire about pediatric hospice services. Request a referral from your child’s physician noting Memorial Hermann Hospice Pediatric Program as your preferred choice or simply contact Memorial Hermann Hospice at (832) 996-2860 Option 1 and we will assist you in the process.

For referrals or for more information please call (832) 996-2860 Option 1, fax (713) 932-5680 or email us directly

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