The highly-skilled specialists at the Pediatric Sleep Center at Children’s Memorial Hermann are dedicated to providing your child with the most advanced care using the latest technologies for the treatment of sleep-related disorders. The Center's six bedrooms are designed to provide a comfortable sleep environment for your child, ensuring their comfort and the integrity of the test.

Depending on your child's sleep schedule, our trained polysomnographic (sleep study) technologists can perform sleep studies at night or during the day. Patients must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and if your child requires nursing care, they must be accompanied by a health care provider.

Preparing Children for a Sleep Study

Children who undergo a sleep study typically come to the Pediatric Sleep Center around 7 p.m. This allows them to become acclimated to their environment prior to beginning the study, between 8 and 9 p.m.

Prior to arriving for the sleep study, we recommend that you follow your child's normal dinner and bedtime routine. Please plan to have one adult stay with your child during the study. Comfortable accommodations will be made available for a parent or legal guardian.

Also, consider the following:

  • Bring comfortable sleepwear for your child
  • Bring diapers, formulas, snacks or other items your child normally needs
  • Bring any medications or treatments that your child normally takes
  • Bring any toiletries needed -- showers are available to use prior to leaving
  • Bring your child's favorite items (toy, blanket) especially if your child needs it for sleep
  • NO CAFFEINE (tea, chocolate, etc.) after 1 p.m. the afternoon of the study

Non-caffeinated soft drinks will be provided to both day and night patients, and children staying in the Center for a day study will be provided breakfast and lunch. The study will take about eight (8) hours.

At the beginning of the sleep study, special non-invasive electrodes and monitors will be attached to your child's face, head and arms. Throughout the study, a polysomnography technician will monitor your child's breathing, heart rate, oxygen level, sleep stages and chest and abdominal movement. At the end of the study, the technician will tally the results to pinpoint any irregularities and measure their severity.

Post-Evaluation Follow-Up

After the study, one of our board-certified pediatric sleep specialists will provide referring physicians with a follow-up plan and recommendations for treatment.

Referrals and Scheduling

To schedule an appointment at the Pediatric Sleep Center, call (713) 242-4447 or fill out the form below.

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