Families play an essential role in their loved one's treatment experience. PaRC's family services are comprehensive and targeted. Our 2-Day Family Intensive Program offers guidance, healing and education on topics related to addiction and family structure. This workshop is an important piece of the healing experience at PaRC.

The PaRC offered a 2-day family program. My husband, 13 year old daughter, and myself attended. It was during that program that I came to truly understand and believe that addiction is a disease. I also realized that I had addicts in my immediate family and that I am likely an adult child of two functioning alcoholics. This revelation allowed me to feel compassion for my loved one.

The 2-Day Family Intensive Program includes:

  • "The Disease Concept of Addiction" presentation.
  • The stages of family recovery / family sculpting
  • Cross-addiction
  • Characteristics of adult children of alcoholics / addicts
  • Boundaries
  • Enabling
  • Healthy love
  • Al-Anon and your recovery
  • Family process groups
  • Experiential communication exercises
  • Lectures, discussions and videos
  • Current research regarding addiction
  • Continuing care plans for the Family

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