The following symptoms are prime examples of the progression of addiction with drugs and alcohol for you or a loved one in addition and the affects it has on the family. If you notice any of these symptoms feel free to take our online self-assessment or contact a trained professional for assistance at (713) 939-7272.



Increased tolerance; using more to get same effect

Increased tolerance to user’s behaviors


Suppression; family blocks out their perceptions

Euphoric recall is focus; recalls highs not painful consequences

Minimizing. “Things aren’t that bad.”

Sneaks substance; hides evidence

Plays detective; searches for evidence of substances

Preoccupied with using

Preoccupied with the user

Gulps drinks

Urgency of situation increases – prods for promise to stop using

Denies there’s a problem

Family tries to hide problem from those outside the family

Develops alibi system

May confront or nag user while at same time makes excuses for the user

Alternates between aggression when using and remorse afterwards

Alternates between blaming, shaming and lashing out and feeling guilty

Tries to control or stop using without help

Tries to control or stop the user from drinking without help

Feels shame for not being able to stop

Feels shame they can’t stop the user

Loses friends

Family becomes isolated

Experiences severe physical symptoms – digestive, sleep, etc

Experiences severe physical symptoms – ulcers, headaches, nervous breakdowns, etc

Seeks help OR deteriorates physically and emotionally

Seeks help OR deteriorates physically and emotionally

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