Drug Rehab GreenhouseNature is a natural healer. Just being outdoors surrounded by nature can be a transformative experience. At Memorial Hermann PaRC, we incorporate the healing elements of nature into our program though structured activities in our on-site greenhouse.

While at PaRC, adult patients take part in therapeutic activities in the greenhouse which enhance social, physical and psychological health. Through a combination of individual and group work, clients build self-esteem and life skills as they interact with the plants and complete their activities.

Working in the greenhouse is very relatable to pruning, and caring for one's recovery. We talk about how plants need sun, oxygen, water and the right temperature to thrive just like our recovery needs specific daily activities to be strong and successful.

Through the process learning about the importance of a nourishing environment and practicing gentle care, greenhouse activities enable the person on the receiving end of care to become a caretaker themselves. They develop skills that are transferable to their home environment or workplace, including responsibility, cooperation and follow-through.

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