Mark's life before going to the PaRC was completely chaotic. He was in and out of jails, the court systems, probation and he even went to the hospital twice after nearly overdosing. He reached out to his brother saying he needed help and that's what got the wheels going and the process going of getting him into treatment at PaRC. Mark's favorite part of the program was being able to sit down with the counselors and get things off his chest. He struggled connecting with people in the past, but the the counselors the experience very comfortable.

"Never knew what it would be like being sober, but now since I've gotten sober, it's great," He says.

He has a trusting family and has learned to love himself.

He is "thankful to the PaRC for them being able to turn my life around. So it's a blessing to be able to go to that treatment center that I was able to go to to get where I'm at now. I couldn't have done it without the PaRC."

Watch his story below.

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