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Memorial Hermann Online Webinar

Online Presentation, Houston, TX

Event Date

12:00 PM


Memorial Hermann Online Webinar
Online Presentation
Houston, TX

Venue Note

A link will be provided to attendees to access the virtual support seminar. To register, please call 713-222-2273.

Open Spaces

237 of 587

Event Description

Memorial Hermann aims to empower women to take charge of their breast health year-round. As we celebrate National Women’s Health Week from May 9 – 15, we invite you to join us for a talk about the breast cancer journey – from screening and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. Our affiliated physicians will guide you through what to expect so you can take control of your breast health.

Webinar Panel of Speakers includes these affiliated specialists:

  • Dr. Michele Lesslie – Breast Radiologist
  • Dr. Tamara Saunders – Breast Surgeon
  • Dr. Shariq Khwaja – Radiation Oncologist
  • Susanna Burkhois – Occupational Therapist